Earl of Sandwich: The Gyro

Gyro Sandwich at Earl of Sandwich

Long famed for both hot and cold sandwiches, Earl of Sandwich has recently added a new menu offering: The Gyro. If you’ve never tried a gyro before, you’re in for a treat. Here, a few common questions about this menu item are answered.

What is on The Gyro?

Earl of Sandwich has gone the traditional route with our Gyro, using a mixture of beef and lamb meat as the basis for the sandwich, which is served on house-made artisan bread. Other toppings are fresh lettuce and Roma tomatoes, sliced red onions, and tzatziki sauce, all authentic to Grecian recipes. Remember, you can always customize the toppings to your tastes.

How much does The Gyro cost?

The Gyro at Earl of Sandwich costs $7.99, an affordable price for a delicious lunch or dinner that is sure to fill you up.

What if I want more than The Gyro?

If you think The Gyro sandwich sounds amazing, but you want to add other dishes to your meal as well, Earl of Sandwich has you covered. In addition to the sandwiches that put the company on the map, our extensive menu features a variety of salads, such as the Berry Chicken Almond Salad and Thai Chicken Salad, savory soups, and even a variety of sides, like coleslaw and macaroni and cheese!

No matter what you want to try with your Gyro, there’s sure to be options you love at Earl of Sandwich.