Earl of Sandwich is known for our fresh, made to order sandwiches, wraps, and salads. From classics such as the Earls Club or Ham & Swiss to something a little untraditional such as the Hawaiian BBQ or Holiday Turkey, we have the sandwiches for your lunch & dinner time cravings. But, did you know Earl of Sandwich is here to satisfy your sweet tooth as well? We wanted to write a blog on some of our favorite post-sandwich (or salad) Earl of Sandwich cookies!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Chunk Cookie

The Reese’s Peanut Butter Chunk Cookie is the newest addition to our cookie line-up sold at all Earl of Sandwich locations. Simple, to the point, and down-right delicious, you may want to pick up 2 or three for any jealous co-workers!  

Sugar Cookie

Our sugar cookies will do the trick in satisfying your post-lunch sweet tooth. Warm and soft, this unassuming cookie will get the job done. Great to pair with a post-lunch coffee as well!

Oatmeal Cookie

Oatmeal cookies get a lot of unwarranted disrespect when compared against other cookie varieties. Some people will make the analogy of “It’s like biting into an oatmeal cookie when you thought it was a chocolate chip…” to express disappointment. Here at Earl of Sandwich, while we also enjoy chocolate chip cookies, we love Oatmeal ones too! Show the Oatmeal Cookie some love and order one from Earl of Sandwich on your next trip.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Did someone say Chocolate Chip Cookie? An absolute classic and generally our best-selling cookie at most locations…and we get it. Chocolate Chip Cookies bring back feelings of nostalgia childhood memories. The only question left is, do you want one or two?

Cookies for the Office?

Earl of Sandwich offers all its products available for catering as well. Next time your office or group needs to have lunch or early dinner catered, be sure to order dessert! In addition to cookies, we also have brownies and brownie bites! Trying to win over co-workers? Grab a few of each!

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