Take a Bite Out of Our Festive Gourmet Sandwiches

holiday turkey sandwich with cranberry and gravy

A turkey sandwich with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and all the fixings can really hit the spot, but there’s something special about indulging in new foods during the holidays. A warm, gourmet sandwich on artisan bread takes us away from the cold and puts us in the holiday spirit. Although Thanksgiving is over, we just can’t get enough of incorporating stuffing into our hearty sandwiches.

Holiday Turkey

The day after Thanksgiving is arguably just as tasty as Thanksgiving Day. Piling turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing into one sandwich makes lunch a bit more interesting, especially as we mosey back to work after a holiday. At Earl of Sandwich, we’re here to keep the Thanksgiving sandwich around for quite a while so you don’t need to wait!

This isn’t your simple, hot sub. Our Holiday Turkey is packed with flavor, protein and savory condiments. We go above and beyond to make the Holiday Turkey as delicious as possible, so while we use turkey and mayo, this festive sandwich also includes cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy.

Holiday Ham Sandwich

For a mix of salty meets savory, nothing tops our Holiday Ham Sandwich. Our chefs do it just right as they prepare this truly unique gourmet sandwich with thinly sliced ham as not to overpower the cheddar. We’ve also crafted the Holiday Ham Sandwich on artisan bread with cranberry sauce, so our guests can get some sweetness into their meal. To make the hot sandwich as festive as possible, yams are included for added texture and the bright hues make for a very visually appealing lunch. Mayo is included for a creamier bite, but each guest has the option to omit any ingredient.

Are you ready to dig into our holiday creations? Stop into an Earl of Sandwich® location to pick up the Holiday Turkey or Holiday Ham Sandwich. Grab a bag of chips or a coke, and a soft drink, and you’re good to go!