The Best Healthy Breakfast Options

oatmeal with cranberries & almond slices

You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There are a number of reasons you should start every morning with a healthy breakfast. As you read the rest of this brief guide, you’ll discover what just a few of them are. By the time you reach the end, you should feel motivated to start enjoying a great meal as soon as you get out of bed.

Benefits of Breakfast

Skipping breakfast can actually lead to weight gain because your body will go into protection mode, preserving as many calories as it possibly can to use later. Remember, your cells don’t know that you’re planning to feed them at lunch! Overall, people who skip breakfast on a regular basis have slower metabolisms and more problems with weight gain than those who eat balanced meals first thing in the morning.

Have you ever noticed you may feel in a “fog” when you don’t eat breakfast? Breakfast is vital to providing us the energy we need to get through the day. Try to eat a meal packed with nutrients at least two hours after waking up.

Parfait & Oatmeal

There are dozens of different delicious (and nutritious) breakfast foods available to today’s consumers. You just need to figure out what you like best. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to include some carbs and protein, which both provide energy, and fruit, which gives your body a burst of vitamins and nutrients.

Two of the best breakfasts you can have are oatmeal and strawberry yogurt parfaits. Although these two meal options might seem very different, they both pack a punch from a nutritional standpoint. They are also both highly customizable, making them good options for just about everyone. Oatmeal is another delicious option that can be jazzed up with berries and nuts. At Earl of Sandwich we are happy to be offering both options as well as banana nut and blueberry muffins. If you’re looking to try something other than a breakfast sandwich, dig into our parfaits, muffins, and oatmeal.

Join Us for Breakfast at Earl of Sandwich

Who said grab and go breakfast couldn’t be nutritional? We make sure to provide our customers with generously sized breakfast sandwiches for those looking for a hearty breakfast. For those of you who want both carbs and fruit, you’ll love our freshly made parfaits. Whatever you choose, make sure not to skip the most important meal of the day!