The History of The Original Chocolatti- Disney Springs Location

The Original Chocolatti

Earl of Sandwich Backstory

At one of our first locations in Disney Springs, our patrons can purchase a cool drink that has ties back to our historical namesake, Sir Edward Montagu, the great grandfather of John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich,  the first ‘Earl of Sandwich’. The title, ‘Earl of Sandwich’, is given to nobility who overruled the Sandwich region of England. It is comparable to the title of Count/ Countess or Duke/ Duchess. While what comes with the title has changed over the years, there is an Earl of Sandwich in England to this day!

The finer things in life

As an Earl of the Sandwich territory in the 17th century, this gave Sir Edward Montagu access to the finer things in life. Even though this was over 300 years ago, Chocolate continues to be one of those finer things in life! At our Disney Springs location, guests can order a beverage called “The Original Chocolatti”. The first literal ‘Earl of Sandwich’ is credited with creating the old world’s first Chocolate drink!  

The Original Chocolatti today

Of course, since its inception, our restaurant has made some changes and use some modern ingredients to improve upon the Earl’s original recipe. The Original Chocolatti is blended to smooth perfection with decadent Ghirardelli chocolate and ice. This refreshing treat offers our Florida customers sweet, cool relief from the sun while exploring Disney! One can also add a shot of espresso to add a mocha-caffeinated kick. 

Visiting Disney? Stop by Earl of Sandwich for The Original Chocolatti

If you are planning on visiting Walt Disney World, be sure to stop by Earl of Sandwich, located in Disney Springs Marketplace and try The Original Chocolatti! The perfect way to end an Earl Of Sandwich experience. See our full menu here! Also, be sure to sign up for our rewards program where each Earl of Sandwich purchase gets closer to a special gift on us!