What Makes Earl of Sandwich Stand Out from the Competition?

chicken & avocado sandwich & drink

While there are plenty of sandwich shops to stop in and grab a bite, at Earl of Sandwich, we offer a truly unique experience. With our fresh ingredients, traditional family recipes and delicious artisan bread, we have clients returning to our locations day after day.  Read on to discover just a few of the things that set Earl of Sandwich apart from the competition.

Our Hot Sandwich Selection is Unrivaled

Although Earl of Sandwich patrons can choose from a wide variety of meals, including cold sandwiches and salads, our hot sandwich menu is the foundation on which our franchises are built. We are proud to offer unique sandwich options that can’t be found anywhere else. Next time you visit us, try one of these delicious styles:

Earl of Sandwich Montagu SandwichThe Full Montagu – This hot sandwich features everything but the kitchen sink! Piled high with turkey, roast beef, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, lettuce, Roma tomatoes, and our special mustard sauce, you won’t be hungry after you enjoy The Full Montagu for lunch or dinner.

Hawaiian BBQHawaiian BBQ – Whether you’re vacationing in a tropical locale or just wish you were, our Hawaiian BBQ hot sandwich is the ideal choice for beach bums everywhere. Featuring grilled chicken, ham, swiss cheese, pineapple, and barbeque sauce, it’s a true treat for your taste buds.

Holiday Turkey SandwichHoliday Turkey – This hot sandwich tastes like Thanksgiving no matter what time of year it is! Next time you have a hankering for holiday dinner (even if it’s July), this menu option that is made with turkey, cornbread stuffing, turkey gravy, cranberry sauce, and mayonnaise will satisfy your craving.

Our Atmosphere is Warm and Welcoming

Every Earl of Sandwich restaurant is designed to take you back in time to 1762. We create welcoming atmospheres that encourage patrons to become regulars. Next time you need a hot meal, a Wi-Fi connection, and a few hours to get a project done, we hope you’ll come visit us.

Fresh Ingredients and Family Recipes

Every Earl of Sandwich restaurant serves fresh ingredients and uses family recipes, passed down through the generations. You never have to worry about frozen or outdated ingredients being used in your Earl of Sandwich meal. Just relax and enjoy, time after time!