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How can I get a physical card?

Visit your closest Earl of Sandwich and ask the cashier to activate a card for you.

If I get Royalty Club emails does that mean I am in Royalty Club Rewards?

Not quite! We just need you to sign up for a your loyalty account above, and then you will be able to start earning points for all your visits when you provide your mobile number in store. (See above if you’d like a physical card).

When do I get the new accounts signup offer?

The $5 off will be added to your account 7 days after sign up.

What if I used the old loyalty app?

First of all, make sure to update your app in the App store. The old app will no longer work.

You will receive an email on 8/4/16. You can click on the link in that email to activate your new account on the new Royalty program. In doing so your rewards will transfer over to your new account.

If you do not receive the email, or have any issues seeing your old rewards transfer over to your new account, contact us here

How often are my points updated?

Your points balance is updated instantly once you use your card on a eligible purchase. To view your points balance login to your account above. Your points balance also appears at the bottom of your receipt.

How do I earn Royalty Club Rewards points?

You can either provide your rewards card or mobile number at check out to earn points for your purchase.

Why Did I Not Earn Points?

Earl of Sandwich Loyalty members cannot accrue loyalty reward points in conjunction with promotions, offers, discounts, catering orders or the purchase of gift cards unless otherwise stated.

How do I redeem?

In store, place your order, and let the cashier know you’re redeeming a reward. Then give them your card or phone number, and they’ll apply your reward.

Can I give my Reward to someone else?

While we can’t transfer a reward to someone’s account, you’re more than welcome to order for a friend.

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